Armed Forces Tribute Dragster – Custom Vehicle Wrapping:

This is a tribute to the U.S. Armed Forces—done our way. I wanted soldiers to connect with it, so it’s not just the typical imagery.

Commercial Truck – Custom Vehicle Wrapping:

This is a clean design that subtly mimics a theater room. We created a forced perspective using the car’s shape to add depth. Meanwhile, classic movie posters speak to movie buffs and other elements draw customers in. Many of CK Tech’s customers, family and friends have noticed and enjoyed the subtle details.

Diamond DA42 Twin Star – Custom Vehicle Wrapping:

We started with a blank slate on this one—literally, a white plane with no markings on it at all. For this, we chose a clean, streamlined design with sweeping accents appropriate for an airplane.

Don’t Go In the Water – Custom Boat Wrapping:

This customer knew he wanted a shark of some kind on his boat, along with skulls because he has a skull tattoos. I told him we would do all that and add an octopus too.

This design was tricky—normally, I wouldn’t do so many different competing elements at once. But I knew it’s what my client wanted, and he liked it. Originally, he said he didn’t want an octopus, but now the octopus is his favorite. His wife’s favorite is the shark.

Doody Brigade – Custom Vehicle Wrapping:

How do you make pet waste removal appealing? It’s hard to get creative about picking up dog poop. But then I thought about Toy Story. That movie made little green army men family-friendly. Maybe little green army men could make pet waste removal memorable and fresh. (As fresh as possible, anyway.)

Expresso Brake – Custom Vehicle Wrapping:

Expresso Brake is a coffee shop on wheels. We wanted to give their truck the tasteful, eye-catching look of classic coffee shop signage. But we also wanted to give it a weathered look to add texture.

Four Wheeler – Custom Vehicle Wrapping:

We had some other trade help on this one, but the concept, printing and wrapping was ours. A hand-built body to create the four-wheeler dream.

Garage Door – Custom Wrapping:

MJH Construction wanted something simple and clean for their door wrap, and that’s what we gave them. Simple, clean and eye-catching.

Slingshot – Custom Vehicle Wrapping:

This is a Polaris Slingshot SL three-wheel motorcycle draped in the Stars and Stripes, just the way the customer wanted it.

Tailgating Trailer – Custom Vehicle Wrapping:

This customer shared about 100 pictures of things he liked with us to use as inspiration. From those inspirations, we pulled the most important elements into a sports theme just right on a trailer made for tailgating.